The Femicide Blog

Different Forms of Femicide

from: 1. The murder of women as a result of intimate partner violence A study from the UNODC has revealed that in many countries, intimate partner and/or family-related homicide is the major cause of...

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Sexual Violence in Combat and War

INDIVIDUAL RIGHT TO REPARATION FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE DURING ARMED CONFLICT IN INTERNATIONAL LAW - THEORY & PRACTICE "Today civilians are the most affected victims of the waging of war which international law has not been able to prevent yet. Among them...

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Implementation of the Italian Law

by Anna Costanza Baldry, PhD Every two, three days the Italian statistics say that a woman is killed by her partner or ex. And this goes on regardless of new laws and apparently new strategies. Husbands, boyfriends, lovers, current and former, who for various reasons,...

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